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How Can We Help Nepal?

hello all attached is an update I received this morning from my friend Mark Zimmerman at the nick simons institute. it does not discuss khotang specifically, but he informed me that khotang was not hit as hard as areas closer to the epicenter of the earthquake. this is consistent with our prior info. we will be dealing with mostly rebuilding …

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December 2014 Visit Report of Khotang District Project Area

Khotang District Khotang District, in Sagarmatha Zone, is one among the 75 districts of Nepal and Diktel is its district headquarters. The district is part of the area traditionally referred as Majh Kirat/Kirant (middle Kirat), home to the indigenous ethnic Kirat, Rai people. Apart from Rais, other ethnic groups and ‘hill castes’–such as the Brahmin, Chhetri, Tamang, Limbu, Sherpa and …

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