Earthquake Relief/Schools


D2N’s school reconstruction initiative consists of rebuilding 11 schools in the villages of Dipsung, Sungdel and Rakha which were completely destroyed by the 2015 earthquake. Given the facts that the Nepalese government is overwhelmed by the destruction caused by the earthquake and these villages are remote and marginalized, it is highly unlikely that these schools would or could be rebuilt by the government and local communities without outside help.

Since the earthquake D2N has enabled 623 students from seven schools to return to new, safe classrooms. This past fall construction started on the final four schools slated for reconstruction. We are in the process of rebuilding 15 classrooms which will house 515 students. These schools have a planned completion date of June 2018.

While under reconstruction students study in “temporary learning centers” and will continue to do so until permanent structures are built. All schools will be designed to be “earthquake safe” to hopefully prevent any destruction from future earthquakes. D2N will be funding this entire project.

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Temporary Learning Center