Avalon Village

Avalon Village is a self-sustaining eco village in Highland Park. This unique community-building project is restoring hope, inspiration, and much-needed city services to a forgotten, underserved neighborhood.

The village encompasses an entire city block between Woodward Avenue and Second Street and currently owns 29 plots of land and five houses, including the Homework House, with plans to acquire and revitalize additional properties and structures.

The Homework House is an afterschool program for neighborhood children that will provide tutoring and academic programs, healthy meals, and recreational activities. EVO Detroit has provided funds to finish the roof, install drywall and insulation and buy general building materials. Homework House will open in fall 2018.

Summer brings camps to Avalon village. EVO Detroit is providing support for both Music and Hood Camps. Music is a discipline that has been removed from public schools. Music Camp offers hand-on learning instruction in Music Theory and Composition, Instrumentation, Music History and DJing 101 and ends with a community recital to showcase newly-acquired skills. See Music Camp flyer.

During Hood Camp Avalon Village is transformed into a camp ground where the children of the neighborhood interact with nature. Upon completion of Hood Camp participants are able to identify edible and medicinal herbs in their yards and communities; grow their own food; display conflict management skills; know what to do in case of emergencies; recycle and save and purify water.

Music Camp next to the Homework House
Fire safety at Hood Camp

Music Camp

Hood Camp