How To Apply For A Grant

  1. Clearly describe the project proposed. Please explain how it will be accomplished in detail and how it would benefit your community.
  2. Explain how this project was identified by your local community and why/how it was prioritized.
  3. Show how your local community will be vested in this process. Be specific. We require that all unskilled labor, and as much skilled labor, be provided by your local community. Any materials or equipment accessible to your neighborhood should be provided by you.  D2N will provide funds for materials and equipment as well as any skilled labor which is not available within your community. Our goal is to “fill the gap”.
  4. Provide a DETAILED budget. We will fund projects up to $10,000 which can be completed within six months.
  5. You are encouraged to include narratives of other community-based projects in your neighborhood. Demonstrating past successes that were dependent on significant vestment of the community will help support your grant request.
  6. Any other information you can submit that would strengthen your application is encouraged.

Send your grant request and/or questions to: