Building Better Men

The Building Better Men Program was started in 1991 by Odis Bellinger and founded on the principle that young men can be successful despite challenges associated with absent fathers. Their goal is to enable young men to become productive members of society.

This goal is accomplished with small reading groups, interactive group workshops, individual counseling, relevant participant role-play, male encouragement conferences, educational collegiate tours, and recreational field trips. These components of the program teach social and personal responsibility, decision-making, leadership skills, critical thinking and literacy skills. EVO Detroit has provided support for field trips, food and fun.

In June 2018 Odis moved his base of operations to the S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center. EVO Detroit is sponsoring the six-month transition to the new home as well as the development of a sustainable business model for the program.

Odis Bellinger at Building Better Men's Open House at S.A.Y. Detroit Play