WNUC 96.7 FM

D2N helped complete Detroit’s only community radio station, WNUC 96.7 FM. Initiated by North End Woodward Community Coalition, NEWCC, the station has a reach of 5-7mile radius with a potential audience, once established, of 300,000. The station reaches a diversity of communities including: Highland Park, Hamtramck, a section of Southwest Detroit, North End, Midtown and downtown Detroit.

The station benefits the community by providing free access to an independent media voice and, in an area with relatively low access to the internet, a vital source of information. It will also:

  • provide training and developmental resources for youth and older individuals that will strengthen broadcast journalism skills.
  • be a central location for imparting information relevant to the community in their own voice. this includes being a source of emergency readiness.
  • be an organizing tool for partnering with other communities around the city.

NEWCC has operated within the community for the past 10 years. WNUC went on the air in May 2017. An article in The Progressive, Birth of a Station: Low Power Radio Brings Real Power to Detroit Neighborhood, detailed the journey to WNUC going live.

With the goal of health education, WNUC is broadcasting a biweekly (every other Monday at 6 pm) health segment: Drs Making a House Call. Sponsored by EVO Detroit, Dr. Debbie Charfoos interviews a guest physician to address a pertinent health issue such as nutrition, exercise, diabetes and hypertension. Not only does the show educate, but also brings awareness that the S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health Clinic, a free medical clinic for uninsured women, is down the street from WNUC. Dr. Charfoos also volunteers at the clinic. An interview with Dr. Charfoos on Fox 2 Detroit News describes her efforts at both places.

Reverend Joan C. Ross, host of 'My Block, My Hood, My City'