Dindu/Dipsung Health Post and Birthing Center


This rural medical clinic was completed by D2N in the fall of 2014. It is the sole source of medical services for a population of about 1000 individuals. By December 2014, they were treating more than 15 patients daily. The government of Nepal provides both an auxillary health care worker and nurse midwife, and supplies 40 medicines on formulary. Family Planning and vaccinations are also provided. Because the clinic was was built “earthquake safe,” it withstood the 2015 earthquake without damage. Three days a month the government supplies vaccinations for DPT, small pox, hepatitis A, polio and BCG. 100% of the children are receiving their vaccines.

Attached to the Health Post, the birthing center consists of two rooms that are tiled, well-equipped and spotless. Historically, women in Khotang’s villages do not seek any prenatal care and their babies are delivered at home, unattended by a health care worker. The birthing center was built to enable women to receive four regularly-scheduled prenatal visits and then deliver at the clinic by Jarka, a well-trained skilled birthing attendant. Nine female community health volunteers (FCHVs, one per ward) have been trained in the benefits of the birthing center. They circulate in their wards meeting with young women discussing the advantages of the birthing center and addressing any reservations they might have about using the center.

By December 2017, 25 deliveries had taken place at the birthing center. All 25 women were examined during their pregnancy; the majority received the four recommended check ups. These interfaces create a trust between the staff at the birthing center and the mothers, making it more likely that the mothers will bring their babies back to the health post for well-baby visits and then continue to bring them as the children grow up.

Health Post
Birthing Center

Sapteshwor Health Post and Birthing Center


Construction started on the Sapteshwor Health Post and Birthing Center in fall 2017; the structure was completed in September of 2018. The 2015 earthquake damaged the previous health post rendering it unsafe. Land for the new health post was donated by four residents of Sapteshwor and the community contributed 20% of the cost.

Earthquake-damaged Health Post, April 2015

Alex Graham Medical Clinic/Rakha Health Post


Construction began in February 2015 and the health clinic opened in December 2016. This project was funded by donations from Michigan Healthcare Professionals (MHP) and honors the memory of Alex Graham. It serves an area of approximately 4,000 people and is staffed by an auxillary health care worker (12 years of school and 2 years technical training), and a nurse midwife. These health care professionals, as well as 40 medicines on formulary and six vaccines, are supplied by the government of Nepal. Conditions including respiratory infections, dysentery, and eye infections, are treated at the clinic; family planning and vaccinations are also available.

The two rooms of the future birthing center have been built. The floors will be tiled and equipment ordered at a later time in 2018.

Baspani Health Post and Birthing Center


Once the facility in Sapteswor has been completed work will start on our fourth health post. The existing health post was damaged in the earthquake. Although the building is structurally unsafe the health post operates on one floor of the building. The management committee for the new health post has been formed and the land donated. A proposal and budget has been drawn up and permits will be obtained in anticipation of breaking ground in the fall after the monsoon rains have ceased.

Current health post, note crack along left side of the windows

Bike Program


Bikes have always been part of D2N. Our bike program began at the Birmingham Bike Festival where D2N sponsored a parade-style ride for kids of all abilities. Funds and awareness were raised for Beaumont’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Department which provides free, custom adaptive bikes for children with special needs. (see below). Participants at the BBF were encouraged to donate their unused bikes and helmets through American Cycle and Fitness (ACF) who then distributed the bikes to youth programs Detroit. This program morphed into a program that, in 2015, donated hundreds of bikes to The Hub/Back Alley Bikes for their youth programs.

ACF has developed an amazingly generous program for 2016. Each bike donated to ACF will result in a $10 donation by ACF to the S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health Clinic. If a new bike is purchased the buyer, in lieu of a $10 refund, can elect to donate that $10 to the S.A.Y Detroit Family Health Clinic. Donated bikes will continue to go to The Hub/Back Alley Bikes as well as to the S.A.Y Detroit Play Center/Lipke Recreation Center.

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Bikes at the Birmingham Bike Festival

S.A.Y Detroit Family Health Clinic/S.A.Y. Detroit Play


S.A.Y. Detroit Charities was founded by Mitch Albom and is aimed at improving the lives of the neediest citizens, through shelter, food, medical care, volunteer efforts and education. It serves as the umbrella for ongoing major projects including S.A.Y Detroit Family Health Clinic and S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center. Operated in partnership with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, the clinic primarily serves homeless and/or uninsured women and to a lesser extent, uninsured children.

D2N has been involved in the renovation of the facility, acquisition of furniture and fundraising for the clinic (see Bike Program). In addition, a grant from the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation on behalf of the clinic was given in 2016.

D2N has created specialty clinics including cardiology, pulmonary, dermatology, ear nose and throat, naturopathic medicine, podiatry, and gynecology. Clinics in ophthalmology and acupuncture are in the planning stages. Reliable pathways for women to be able to enter the hospital system for procedures and surgery have also been developed.

S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center is a training center for young people to improve their community, starting with themselves. Their mission is to develop great readers and great people. D2N plans to create a community bike program using bikes from the Bike Program. In addition, American Cycle and Fitness has donated fitness equipment to the center.

With the goals of health education and increased awareness of the free services available to homeless and uninsured women, WNUC broadcasts a biweekly (every other Monday at 6 pm) health segment: House Call with Dr. Debbie. Sponsored by EVO Detroit, Dr. Debbie (who also runs the gynecology clinic at S.A.Y Detriot Family Health Clinic) interviews a guest physician to address a pertinent health issue such as nutrition, exercise, diabetes and hypertension.

Banner for Health Fair at S.A.Y. Clinic
Mike Reuter, President/CEO of ACF, with donated fitness equipment and Richard

Pediatric Rehabilitation Department at William Beaumont Hospital


The Pediatric Rehabilitation Department Beaumont Hospital provides customized adaptive bikes to children with significant disabilities. These bikes not only allow the children to experience one of the joys of childhood and build self-esteem, but allow them to participate in family and social activities as well become part of their physical therapy. Many of these children and their families participated in D2N's bike parade at the Birmingham Bike Festivals. Both the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities helped D2N fund many of these bikes.

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An adaptive bike at the Birmingham Bike Festival

Long Term Follow-Up Clinic at William Beaumont Hospital


In 2012-14 D2N provided financial support to the Pediatric Oncology Long Term Follow Up Clinic at Beaumont Hospital. Thankfully, many of our children undergoing treatment for their cancers survive. Unknown to many of us, they often times face health issues down the road related to their prior cancer treatment. This clinic provides the assessment and care of these individuals. Support for these services is crucial, often they are not covered by health insurances.

Dr. Charles Main, Founder of the Long Term Follow Up Clinic