Bike Program


Bikes have always been part of D2N. Our bike program began at the Birmingham Bike Festival where D2N sponsored a parade-style ride for kids of all abilities. Funds and awareness were raised for Beaumont’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Department which provides free, custom adaptive bikes for children with special needs. (see below). Participants at the BBF were encouraged to donate their unused bikes and helmets through American Cycle and Fitness (ACF) who then distributed the bikes to youth programs Detroit. This program morphed into a program that, in 2015, donated hundreds of bikes to The Hub/Back Alley Bikes for their youth programs.

ACF has developed an amazingly generous program for 2016. Each bike donated to ACF will result in a $10 donation by ACF to the S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health Clinic. If a new bike is purchased the buyer, in lieu of a $10 refund, can elect to donate that $10 to the S.A.Y Detroit Family Health Clinic. Donated bikes will continue to go to The Hub/Back Alley Bikes as well as to the S.A.Y Detroit Play Center/Lipke Recreation Center.

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Bikes at the Birmingham Bike Festival