Dipsung Toilet Project

In 2013 a sustainable toilet with septic system was built every home and school (2 units per school) in this village of 1,500 people. Each family was given a choice of a single pan or double pan Ecosan toilet. The double pan system allows for separate processing of the urine and stool, both of which are utilized to fertilize crops.

Rakha and Sungdel Toilet Project

D2N has collaborated along with other ngo’s in both these villages, also building sustainable toilets with septic in all homes and two in each school. The last phase was completed in the village of Rakha in 2015.

Update on Toilets

In 2015 the government of Nepal declared the district of Khotang "open defecation free," fulfilling a government mandate move Nepal to be completely "open defecation free." Consequently D2N will no longer sponsor toilet projects.

Toilet exterior
Toilet interior

Steps of a toilet project