D2N Response to Nepal Earthquake, May 2, 2015

It is just one week after the earthquake that has cost thousands of lives and unbelievable damage in Nepal and beyond. News from Khotang and the villages in which we work is limited. Thankfully, initial reports indicate that the casualties are limited, but damage is significant. All projects reported are damaged or destroyed, with the exact scope undetermined. We await formal reports from our local ngo partners Nava Jyoti and CPS.

D2N is currently raising funds for our Disaster Relief efforts which will solely be directed at our villages in which we work and the surrounding area. It is unlikely that major foreign aid organizations will have the reach to be able to help our friends in Khotang.

Our response will be measured and thoughtful. Once we have an assessment from the villages, we will ask them to develop a strategy. As with all of our projects to date, the local community will assess the situation, design the solutions, and have ownership of this process. D2N will have the privilege of helping.

Because, at the moment, there is so much chaos in Kathmandu and because the countryside remains inaccessible, it is impossible for me to go to Nepal to assess things first hand. I plan to go when possible and our relief strategy is more mature. I want to reassure everyone in the D2N family that we will be thoughtful and cautious in our approach, making sure your dollars are spent effectively. I will update all of you as information comes in.

The outpouring of support that D2N has received is incredibly gratifying. Thank you


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