Birmingham Bike Festival, 2012-2014

Thanks to their director and founder, the late Jeff Surnow, we partnered with the BBF in 2012, 2013, and 2014. This event allowed us to raise awareness for the needs of children, whether they live in the Detroit area or in rural mountain villages of Nepal. Our activities at the BBF consisted of a bike parade and a children’s fair. The bike parade included children from the local community, children from the Beaumont Rehabilitation Department riding their new custom-fit adaptive bikes, as well as children and families associated with the Beaumont Pediatric Oncology Department. The BBF and The Rock Companies/Beaumont Children’s Fair helped us raise funds and awareness for these two Beaumont programs. D2N’s Bike Program started at the BBF. Participants were encouraged to drop off used bikes and helmets at American Cycle and Fitness’s three locations. These bikes and helmets were then donated to youth programs in Detroit.