D2N's mission is to provide sustainable support to grassroots, community-based programs in Detroit neighborhoods and remote villages in Nepal.

For the past nine years D2N has provided the tools for people to improve their lives. Toilets, bikes, schools, camp, education, medical clinics, electricity, vegetables, scholarships, libraries, benches, mentors, parks, radio and clean water – all represent opportunities for a better life.

The genesis of D2N was Richard Keidan's and Namgyal Sherpa's fact-finding trip to Khotang, Nepal. D2N was founded in 2010 as a way to address the conditions they found - the lack of power, waste management (toilets) and clean water as well as limited access to health care and educational opportunities. Recognizing similar needs in the Detroit area, D2N added Detroit to the foundation in 2012. D2N is a 501 (c) (3), a non-profit organization.

During its first nine years in Nepal D2N awarded educational scholarships to girls, built toilets, schools, libraries and health posts and birthing centers and brought hydroelectric power to a village. Going forward, our efforts will be focused on building heath posts and birthing centers as well as building programs that sustain high-quality health care.

Our efforts in Detroit initially centered around health and education for children. Attention then shifted to underserved communities in Detroit, where the focus has remained. Ongoing collaboration in Highland Park between D2N and S.A.Y. Detroit Family Clinic, Buckets of Rain, Avalon Village, Detroit Outdoors, Parker Village and Soulardarity has resulted in efforts to improve access to health and wellness care for women and their families in Highland Park. D2N also supports youth at risk through Building Better Men.

For information on all our initiatives, both past and present, please see our 'Projects' section.

Opening ceremony for Baspani Health Post and Birthing Center
Mural in Highland Park