After ten full years in Nepal - that have resulted in numerous great projects and programs - we’ve learned how D2N can be the most helpful to its communities and have narrowed our focus to building health posts and birthing centers. We’re also building the programs that ensure high quality healthcare.

During the current COVID pandemic, as with all D2N projects, we asked the communities we would be working with what their priorities were and how they wanted to address them. The result is our COVID Relief Initiative.

When D2N builds a health post and birthing center (see how this is done,) it occurs within the framework of the Government of Nepal’s rural health care infrastructure. After the build, the government supplies all staff, all medications and supplies on formulary, all vaccines (read more about medications and vaccines) and pays their salaries. This partnership between D2N and Nepal results in a sustainable intervention where health care is delivered free of charge and where medical facilities do not need to rely on D2N for supplies or staff.

Doctors do not staff these facilities. On-site health care workers have usually studied through class 12 and then have an additional couple of years of technical training which is considered more than adequate schooling for their responsibilities. Cases beyond the scope of a health post and birthing center are referred to a district health facility or urban center.

Historically women in Khotang’s villages do not seek prenatal care; babies are delivered at home unattended by a healthcare worker. Birthing Centers are built to enable women to receive four regularly-scheduled prenatal visits and then deliver at the clinic. A detailed description of how birth centers functions can be found here. Baby pictures can be found here.

D2N has built health posts and birthing centers in Baspani, Dindu/Dipsung, Rakha, Sapteshwor, and Makpa.


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  • COVID Relief
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  • Makpa Health Post and Birthing Center
  • Baspani Health Post and Birthing Center
  • Dindu/Dipsung Health Post and Birthing Center
  • Sapteshwor Health Post and Birthing Center
  • Rakha Health Post and Birthing Center
  • Earthquake Relief/School Reconstruction
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  • Scholarships
  • Libraries
  • Hydroelectric Project
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  • Toilets
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