June 2nd Update

Khotang, the area in which D2N works, is one of the fortunate districts in Nepal. The recent earthquakes caused no human casualties. However, some 122 schools were destroyed and more than 2,000 houses were flattened. Many more houses are partially damaged displacing more than 6,000 people. More than 4,000 children in Sungdel, Dipsung, Rakha and Bakachol have lost their schools.

When D2N works with local communities in Nepal the communities are asked to identify their problems and prioritize what they believe their communities most need. D2N’s earthquake relief efforts will be no different. Information is currently being gathered for community recovery plans. In the meantime d2n will coordinate disaster relief with the dZi foundation, who will be focusing on temporary schools.

the dZi foundation is constructing learning centers made of truss, corrugated sheets, and tarpaulin sheets. D2N will provide classroom benches and tables for ten schools in Dipsung and Rakha. This furniture will be locally made and used in the temporary learning centers as well as in the permanent schools once they are built.

If the road to Diktel (district capitol) is passable and if jeep transport can be obtained Raju Tuladhar, D2N’s Nepal Country Director, will leave for Khotang at the end of this week. He is currently identifying the urgent needs such as medicine, tarpaulins, supplies and food that he will take with him.

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