May 13th Update

May 13

The epicenter of the second earthquake (7.3 magnitude) on May 12th was probably three times as close to Khotang than the first 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Initial reports indicate extensive damage, but as of now there are no specifics. Raju, D2N’s Nepal Country Director, was originally scheduled to go to Khotang this week to gather information to begin to formulate a disaster relief plan, but the trip is on hold for the moment.

It is clear that D2N’s long and short-term focus will continue to concentrate on public health and health care delivery; the dZi Foundation (D2N’s partner in many projects) will be rebuilding 20 schools.

I think Raju's words today will give you a good idea of what it is like to be there in Kathmandu:

"Kathmandu is like a dead city. We can imagine how the villages are at the moment. No one is happy to be safe, rather all are sad for the victims. People are on the streets and open spaces due to fear of aftershocks."

All of our thoughts and concerns are with the people of Nepal.


Pictures of houses, a school and a toilet in Khotang, all taken after the first earthquake.

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