Piety Hill Pocket Parks

In 2016, 62 residents attending the Piety Hill neighborhood quarterly meeting requested a grant to repair and restore two pocket parks, located at 740 Hazelwood and 801 West Philadelphia, so they could be used safely and to their full potential by the community. The D2N grant funded new fencing and new signs at both parks. Additionally, grass seeding and improved horse shoe pit backboards were installed at Philadelphia Park.

In addition to the new fencing and sign at the park on Hazelwood, flowers were planted in the butterfly garden section and child-safe wood chips were spread in the play area. The park was named in memory of a young girl, Malena Marks, from the neighborhood who was killed in a car accident. Her family attended the dedication of the park.

The community took ownership of the project and supplied all the necessary labor. The Central Detroit Christian Organization (a longstanding nonprofit located in the neighborhood, staffed by the neighbors) provided a project manager at no cost.

Malena Mark's siblings at the dedication of the park on Hazelwood.
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