Rakha Health Post and Birthing Center

Construction began in February 2015 and the health clinic opened in December 2016. This project was funded by donations from Michigan Healthcare Professionals (MHP) and was built in memory of Alex Graham. It serves an area of approximately 4,000 people and is staffed by a health assistant, two auxillary health workers, an auxillary nurse midwife/skilled birthing attendant, an auxillary nurse midwife and an office assistant.

As at all other HPBC the government supplies 40 medicines on formulary, vaccinations and family planning. Three days a month the government supplies vaccinations for DPT, small pox, hepatitis A, polio and BCG.

When D2N built its first health post, there were no roads. Vaccines were walked in from the district capitol Diktel, and kept cool with ice packs. In just a few years the progress of road construction has been rapid, and now vaccines can be brought to many of the health posts by jeep or tractor.

Currently the distribution of vaccines and medications has been decentralized from the district capitols to the municipality themselves. Hopefully this transition will make vaccines and medications even more accessible to our facilities.

Rakha Health Post and Birthing Center
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