Yuva Jyoti Primary School, Dipsung

Earthquake Relief/School Reconstruction

The 2015 earthquake in Nepal caused wide-spread destruction, including many schools in Khotang. D2N’s school reconstruction initiative consisted of rebuilding 12 earthquake-safe schools (approximately 1200 students) in the villages of Dipsung, Sungdel, Rakha and Bakachol which were completely destroyed by the earthquake. Given the fact that the Nepalese government was overwhelmed by the destruction and these villages are remote and marginalized, it is highly unlikely that these schools would or could have been rebuilt by the government and local communities without outside help.

Immediately below are images of our 12th school and final school, the Kalika Secondary School, which was finished in June 2019. The school was funded with remainder of monies allocated for our other 11 schools. Because the original 11 schools were engineered, managed and built so efficiently, money remained at the end of the orginal reconstruction project.

The school, in Rakha, consists of three blocks of two classrooms. In addition to the images of the completed school there is an image of a public audit. After every D2N project, our local ngo managing the project must post a banner at the project site detailing all expenses for the project, thereby practicing transparency and assuring proper handling of all funds.

Further below you will find picture galleries depicting different aspects of the project.

Kalika Secondary School, Rakha

The progression of Kalika Secondary School

Video on D2N's early phases of school reconstruction

Yuva Jyoti Primary School, Dipsung

Local Contributions

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