D2N Detroit COVID-19 Relief Initiative

The COVID-19 crisis has had a devastating affect on Detroit. As with all D2N projects, we asked the communities we would be working with, what their priorities were and how they wanted to address them. The result is The D2N Detroit COVID-19 Relief Initiative, a four-part initiative:

Building Better Men's COVID-19 Program

  • Virtual education and mentorship in the form of a new educational book every two weeks and regular virtual meetings to discuss the books.
  • Individual mental health counseling that addresses the stresses young men and their families face during the pandemic.
  • Continual food security for the young men and their families
  • Virtual physical fitness classes

Highland Park Community Crisis Coalition

The creation of the Highland Park Community Crisis Coalition (HPC3), a collaborative effort designed by five grass roots organizations with whom D2N has been working – Avalon Village, Buckets of Rain, Parker Village, Soulardarity and the Sierra Club/Boys and Girls Club of Highland Park. HPC3 is a one-stop source for information and services. Residents of Highland Park can call, text or email HPC3 to be connected to the appropriate organization to meet their needs. Resources include:

  • Monthly newsletter publication mailed to all residents of Highland Park with information about the COVID-19 crisis and available resources. This is a critical part of the collective effort –those with the most need are generally the least connected to the city’s social networks and civic organizations.
  • Food, personal supplies and water or filters for 800-900 seniors as well other residents of Highland Park. Later in the season food will include fresh vegetables from the Buckets of Rain gardens.
  • Mental health counseling
  • Virtual membership at the Boys and Girls Club of Highland Park for the city’s youth. Membership will include a mask sewing program
  • Energy Utility Assistance Fund that supplies small grants to households in need
  • Infrastructure for the day-to-day operations of HPC3
  • A mask creation/distribution cooperative
Bucket of Rain's Tony Johnson and Avalon Village's Mama Shu
Parker Village newsletter

Vounteers Needed for Buckets of Rain

Buckets of Rain (BoR) is an urban garden in Highland Park that provides vegetables for several homeless shelters, for the surrounding community and for the free prescriptions for vegetables at the Say Detroit Family Health Clinic. BoR depends on volunteers to weed and plant.

During the stay at home order the regular source of volunteers was no longer viable. D2N put out a call for volunteers and more than 35 volunteers provided over 100 hours of work during April. We are currently recruiting volunteers for May. Click here to sign up.

Walk up/Drive thru Mobile Testing Site at SAY Detroit Family Health Clinic

On its opening day 100 tests were performed at the mobile testing site at the SAY Family Health Clinic (SAY.) This number speaks the need for a testing center in Highland Park and also to the collaborative efforts involved in opening this unique site.

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